Eye exercises for Computer users


This article relates to those who use to spend most of their time on PC or a laptop, we all known that extra ordinary usage of computer can cause several eye diseases, in which eyes pain is common.

But job come first so here I am sharing my some interesting research.

Scientists of University of Texas – USA, found that if eye balls are continuously starred at a point so they can be caused by dryness and tiredness that can cause eyes pain, so much so major or minor headache can also be caused. The best solution they found is to give your eyes a little bit exercise mentioned as below:

  1. Move your eyes from left to right with open eye lashes and then try the same with closed eyes Lashes, do it for at least 20 secs.
  2. After 20 mins try to observe things that should be at least 20ft away. Watch them for at least 20 secs.
  3. Then wash with normal water.
  4. I hope you will like this eye 20 20 formula


The best tip for saving your eyes is to shut down your PC and let your eyes take a nap

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