Keeping wallet in back pocket leads to backpain or sciatica


Back pain or Sciatica:

Back pain or Sciatica is one of the most familiar complaints and disorder that affect 70-80% of people worldwide at some time once in their lives. It is the pain in the back that commences and continues from the hip and buttocks to all the way along the leg which comes in many forms with more or less severe lower, middle or upper to low back pain.

 Stop sitting on wallet

Common causes:

There are too many causes for common back pain, which include nerve problems, muscular tribulations, degenerative disc disease and arthritis etc. The low back pain caused due to these reasons are not as much common as other reasons and causes that produce pain in the back example, intense sporting and forceful recreational activities, heavy labor, sitting and sleeping in wrong posture for long hours or any other musculoskeletal sprain or strain. They are commonly misdiagnosed and identified as sciatica. So this is an essential challenge for a physician to differentiate between radicular and referred pain.

Keeping wallet in back pocket:

The one most universally common reason behind most men back pain is an early age habit of keeping wallet in their back pockets and sitting on it while driving, working etc for an extensive period of time which forces the body posture esp. the pelvis and spine out of position. The wallet acts like a cram under your buttock and the foremost reason of you becoming the contender of sciatica or back pain.

This is something in commending with all men and which have not been noticed or focused in our daily life. So it is wholly and seriously important for those who have long sitting sessions and hours of work, make sure that next time you sit on your seat, whether you are driving a vehicle, working in your office or attending a class or what, strictly do not forget to take your wallet out of your back pocket and put it in front shirt pocket or where else you like to keep it.

What actually happens and what are its risks?

Most guys are in habit of keeping half inch wallet in their back hip pocket that can be a bring throbbing pain for the back, waist, muscles, bones and most highly the nervous system. It creates imbalance and unlevel surface. Which the body automatically on impulse tries to correct by keeping the head positioned centrally on the pelvis which needs turning and slanting of spine tortuous. It may lead to execution of excruciating back pains and may also lead to compress sciatic nerves and self-inflicted back pain due to sciatia. This in fact is not a life-threatening to an extent can increase possibilities of having a bad back with worse back pain.

Back pain due to sitting on wallet

What you need to do:

This little piece of advice can do wonders for you and those ignoring may indulge and go through multiple problems in spine especially which may become misaligned. So the healthiest option is to take out the wallet from your back pocket before you sit down or make a habit of keeping your wallet to your front pocket. It is not only suggested to, not to sit on Wallet only, as it is common practice but it is recommended to keep your back pockets empty while sitting.

Tips and advices for avoiding and improving back pain:

Here are few essential and commonsensical tips and advices that will immediately help you avoiding and improving distressing back pain and may also avert your visits to the doctor.

  • Poor sleeping posture will result or increase back pain. Never lie on your stomach as it will put pressure on your neck, spine and back. It is recommended to sleep either on your side or your back which is a comfortable posture for your back. Also get a good and a right mattress which offers support to your spine.
  • When u wake up in the morning, don’t rush. Take a minute or two to stretch your body fully and let your body wake up before you move on.
  • Regular exercise helps to uphold and sustain healthy muscles, joint mobility and flexibility, lumbar pain and tumbling the risk of strain through physical doings etc.
  • Don’t attempt to lift heavy objects by bending your back instead bend your. Applying common sense techniques and methods while lifting heavy objects can avoid lower back problems. It is better not to lift an object than to lift incorrectly.
  • Don’t overstretch your body.
  • Protect your back also when moving heavy objects it can do a lot injure to your back.
  • Posture is frequently the main cause of backache. Poor posture or sitting improperly in the wrong position can cause back pain. So maintain a correct and healthy posture.
  • Smoking the effect of plummeting the blood’s ability to carry oxygen around the body, which reduces the discs ability to remain in good physical shape and refurbish under strain. Therefore leads to inflammation and lower back pain as the muscles and joints are unable to recover from strains.
  • Constant standing also results in the back pain so try frequently to put the weight off your feet and relax. If you are hooked on a profession that entails constant standing then sits down whenever you get the time.
  • Watch your undue weight as it puts an extra pull and strain on the body thus sourcing and increasing back pain and long term back problems related to it.
  • Stretch your back to keep your back flexible, supple, tighten and injury-free.
  • It is recommended that if you are suffering from back pain for more than a few days then consult your doctor and to get a appropriate back pain treatment.

Therefore awareness of proper body mechanics can prevent years of aches and pains. So it is important and essential as well as for good health and well-being of your back, to be aware of and avoid all situations that may cause it uncalled or undue stress and pain especially the most common and unconscious practice of sitting on your wallet.