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Headache types and its remedies

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Food we need to avoid in diabetes

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Be careful about indoor plants

The picture of the plant you see below is very common in our houses, gardens, near parks, offices etc also popular as indoor plant, the name of that plant is Dumb cane

Is shisha / hookah bad for you?

Recently on my trip to Dubai – UAE I have found that most of the people gives priority smoking shisha rather than smoking cigarettes. Not only in UAE but also in Pakistan

Four easy tips to be healthy

Four easy tips to be healthy   Eat less: Avoid fat foods, oil, salts and sweets Eat moderately: Don’t eat heavy meal such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dry beans and dairy products; you

Do you have dirt ring around your neck ?

Do you have dirt ring around your neck ? If you or anybody from your known has a dirt ring around your neck or look like on the back or side of

An apple a day keeps the doctor away

From our childhood, we all know an expression “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But beside this rhymed fact does it have any value, does an apple really helps to

Identify Which Bug Has Bitten You?

In dusty & polluted environment different types of insects and bugs are present and many of them bite human being. Some insect’s bites are harmful for health and cause diseases but some

The right mix of healthy diet and healthy exercise

Push-ups, staples, weight lifting and running are the most common of all workouts that can be exercised at home however adopting wrong exercise is way more harmful than not doing any exercise

Be your fitness guide at home

“The best exercise is the one you are not doing”; a very popular saying about personal body fitness. We just hope that this is not true for you but if unfortunately it

Diabetes Associated With Chemicals

The risk factors of diabetes type 2 are very clear, like lack of exercise, genetics, diet and some races. But now-a-days researchers are working and are trying to associate some chemicals as

Raise Your Children Not Their Bad Habits

Parenting has never been any easy task to perform. Sometimes parents adopt different strategies for instilling confidence in them or for many other important aspects of life, which parents think are important